East Yorkshire Repeater Group, a radio amateur group dedicated to providing repeater services including training to the East Yorkshire Region.

Good quality N type 'T' connectors are essential in repeater systems for linking the cavities. The price of these new has rocketed over the last two years or so from the usual suppliers such as RS and Farnell.

I bought 6 RS Components own brand ones last year for around £8 each and had to return them because they detuned the cavity notch. These Chinese copies have a spring to connect the N male plug to the female to female socket centre conductors which limits their use to 30MHz. Not impressive for a design that should be good for 10GHz! They were exchanged for Suhner versions for and additional £13 each that worked fine.

Having used the Suhners on GB3HS I needed a further 7 for the GB7HU cavities that have been prepared for service and was astonished to find that the price had shot up to almost £350. That's more than the total income for the Group for a year, so clearly not viable. A search on the Internet through such suppliers as Rapid, Mouser, Farnell, DigiKey etc. revealed these suppliers were as expensive and most did not have stock.

However, I eventually found Connectors Cables Specialists Ltd in Harlow who were able to supply from stock a silver plated version claimed to be the equivalent of a Greenpar part for just £8.40 inc. VAT & carriage in quantities of 10. They can be found here: www.ccsukltd.co.uk and they carry an interesting range of reasonably priced RF connectors.

Having tested the connectors on the cavities I saw no detuning that I got with the RS own brand versions at a similar cost, so CCS Ltd are definitely in my favourite suppliers list.
Interested in finding out more about GB3EY

Hissing Syd was returned to service at 22.30 on Monday the 15th July. It was taken out of service when a site inspection in April determined that the existing filters were not fit for purpose. They were built to a homebrew design that was published in QST in the 70s.

The repeater is now working on a set of 4 Aerial Facilities cavity filters that were kindly donated by Sam Hunt of Maxxwave Ltd. These filters provide in excess of -70dB notches in both legs which with the separation between the Tx & Rx antennas gives another -40dB on each side. There is now no dense at all and the repeater is more or less reciprocal with a 25 watt mobile in that if you can hear HS with smooth noise or better you'll be able to access it.

A test I've used at home to judge how well HS is performing demonstrates the point; with the old filters I had to put +11dBm into my collinear to get in and now I only need +1.2dBm. That's all most a 10dB improvement which equates to turning your 5w handheld into a 50w handheld radio when working HS.

Please make use of the repeater now that it is working better than ever!

73 Clive G3GJA / G8EQZ
Hip Hip Huray GB3YC is alive the tempery set up is on the air as we await the arrival of the cavity filters etcwhen they turn up the permenent set up will replace this donation can be given by paypal via the repeater website at http://gb3yc.yolasite.com/ all donations will keep GB3YC and GB3NY up and running NY is still awaiting clearance from MOD
Hello chaps just to let you know that GB3YC should be on the air within a matter of weeks if not days
Tx 145.1500 Rx 145.75000 ctcss 88.5hz
I recommend using full tx and rx ctcss to get best use of this repeater

Best regards
Phill Hardacre
On Sunday morning, approximately 3,500 runners took to the streets of Hull's historic city centre for the Jane Tomlinson Hull 10k. Logistical support to the event was provided by Yorkshire 4x4 Response, using D-Star communications provided by the East Yorkshire Emergency Communications Group.

The combination of the Icom IC-E92D and HM-175 GPS microphones allowed vehicles to be tracked during the several handovers which occurred as the runners crossed major roads and took to the pedestrian-only areas of the city. From a communications viewpoint, the exercise proved the value of using UHF frequencies in an urban area; with the D-Star GMSK signal surviving the multiple reflections from the tall buildings which obscured the line-of-sight path, with trouble-free communications throughout the course.

Despite many runners being disappointed by the last minute changes to the course which diverted the route, due to a hydraulic failure of one of bridges over the Marina, the back markers managed an unimpressive time of 1:33:12 whilst enjoying the view and soaking in the atmosphere from the spartan comfort of an ex-army Land Rover!

The GB3HS and GB7HU repeaters in East Yorkshire will be liable to interruption this Sunday (28th April) from 1100 to 1400 local time.

The repeaters both cover East Yorkshire, the Humber and the Vale of York. Engineering work is being carried out by the East Yorkshire Repeater Group on the cavity filters, and an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) in being installed to ensure the repeaters are more resilient in an emergency.
Yet another beta release of the G4KLX gateway software was uploaded to GB7HU yesterday. This morning I'm pleased to be able to report that DTMF call routing is now working well.

On my way to Leeds today I was called by Chris G7TCF on DCS005B and he then dropped the link at his end and punched in my CCS number. GB7HU anounced that it was linked to G7TCF and the QSO continued until I dropped out of range at Ferrybridge.

Excellent work by G4KLX and the crew!

73 Clive G3GJA
We have been advised by the Scarborough Club that they have resolved their site problems so GB7RW will no longer be coming to East Yorkshire. They have decided to relocate GB7RW to near Robin Hood's Bay where they have been offered free Internet and a peppercorn rent. The site was used in the past for 2m packet operation.

That means that there will be even less 2m D-Star coverage into East Yorkshire so your Committee is looking at the possibility of putting a 2m node on GB7HU. The G4KLX gateway software is very flexible and will allow us to add a 2m homebrew node to work alongside the existing 70cm Icom kit. A PRF10 radio is available and we have some filters so all we will need is a GMSK modulator which makes the project financially viable.

Comments would be appreciated!

73 Clive.
There have been some teething problems with the introduction of CCS to the G4KLX D-Star gateway controller software.

Jonanthan G4KLX has addressed most of the issues that have arisen through beta releases and these have been applied to GB7HU as soon as they have been made available for download.

However, as with all beta releases, they are not fully tested or proven so please bear with us if you find GB7HU misbehaving in a strange way!

73 Clive