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  1. Andy Thomson
    Andy Thomson
    Trying APRS on 144.800, with no luck
  2. Andy Thomson
    Andy Thomson Andy G0VRM
    Morning Andy, is there any APRS activity locally?

    Kind Regards

  3. Steve W
    Steve W Andy Thomson
    Hi Andy, I wonder if you still have your ID-31E and if you had any luck with it. I have the same rig and not having much luck with mine, mainly because I'm not in range of the Hull repeater from Brid so I can't test it. Regards, Steve G6JEF.
  4. Andy Thomson
    Andy Thomson
    can anyone advise if HS is connected to the reflectors?
    1. Clive G3GJA
      Clive G3GJA
      HS is currently not connecting to reflectors due to a hardware failure. A rebuild is being worked on. HU has been unable to connect to reflectors since Monday 12th November as the temporary Internet feed was needed for one of my business's clients. Clive
      14 November 2018
  5. Steve W
    Steve W
    Hoping to get my head around D Star soon.
  6. M6USG
    Busy Moving Home
  7. Geoff
  8. Andy Thomson
    Andy Thomson Clive G3GJA
    do we have any idea when HU will be linked please?
    1. Andy Thomson
      Andy Thomson
      Don't worry have sold my DStar and i am trying DMR
      25 January 2016
  9. Andy G0VRM
  10. phillip hardacre
    phillip hardacre Clive G3GJA
    BTW, are you still in need of some cavities for YC? yes please!
  11. Ian Gower
    Ian Gower
    Has the cheque been reeived ??
  12. Ian Gower
    Ian Gower
    I recently sent a cheque for my subs for 2015, I not had any acknowlegement,,,
  13. Richard Townley
    Richard Townley
    Trying out D-Star on Icom ID-51e.
  14. Steve G6JEF
    Steve G6JEF
    Returning to amateur radio following a long layoff. Finding the VHF/UHF bands very quiet.
  15. Ron Young
    Ron Young Clive G3GJA
    Hi Clive, How did the last Meeting go, Sorry I could not make it, are the minutes or notes on the meeting made public or available to members
    Best Regards
  16. Ron Young
    Ron Young Tony Harris
    Hi Tony just thought i would let you know I was very much into Motor Bikes, I like your Honda, My last Bike was a Suzuki SV1000sz i let it go before I reached 70 in the hope of reaching 70 or more, Its worked so far. hi hi
  17. Ron Young
    Ron Young Tony Harris
    Hi Tony Thanks for the help and phone call, 73
    Ron G4GWC
  18. Ron Young
    Ron Young Andy Thomson
    Hi Andy whats your wenstie's name I have 2 westie's Barney and Bailey both 9 years old we have had them since puppies -brothers-
    1. Andy Thomson
      Andy Thomson
      he's called Billy and he is 10 years old.
      fantastic dogs.
      5 March 2014
  19. Ron Young
    Ron Young Daniel 2E0ELO
    Nice call sign 73s
  20. Ron Young
    Ron Young
    Location IO94OF WAB Square SE88 Pickering, North Yorkshire Main exercise is walking Barney and Bailey (Westies) Ex Biker SV1000.