D-star digital radio – a success for the jane tomlinson hull 10k

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    On Sunday morning, approximately 3,500 runners took to the streets of Hull's historic city centre for the Jane Tomlinson Hull 10k. Logistical support to the event was provided by Yorkshire 4x4 Response, using D-Star communications provided by the East Yorkshire Emergency Communications Group.

    The combination of the Icom IC-E92D and HM-175 GPS microphones allowed vehicles to be tracked during the several handovers which occurred as the runners crossed major roads and took to the pedestrian-only areas of the city. From a communications viewpoint, the exercise proved the value of using UHF frequencies in an urban area; with the D-Star GMSK signal surviving the multiple reflections from the tall buildings which obscured the line-of-sight path, with trouble-free communications throughout the course.

    Despite many runners being disappointed by the last minute changes to the course which diverted the route, due to a hydraulic failure of one of bridges over the Marina, the back markers managed an unimpressive time of 1:33:12 whilst enjoying the view and soaking in the atmosphere from the spartan comfort of an ex-army Land Rover!

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Discussion in 'News' started by Andy G0VRM, 20 May 2013.

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