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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Derek G0TRH, 26 March 2011.

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    25 March 2011
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    Hi I live in Ulverston Road HU4 7HL. Retired , divorced, 2 daughters both teachers in Hull. Been a licensed Amateur for 15 yrs. Not active much on air. Struggling with small space for aerials. Ideas welcome (mainly HF). How is Hull council for planning applications ? Mainly interested in construction. Been working on Tranceiver for years with interuptions for heart attack. Was member of Scarbough Radio Club. Not yet made contact with Hull Club/s.
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    Hi Derek,

    Welcome to the EYRG! .... How is Hull Council for planning applications? Quite good if the planning application is correctly submitted! I have posted on the "Homebrew & Projects" section of this forum the RSGB planning guide for you Derek. Hope the document is of use to yourself and others wishing to gain planning.
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    6 March 2011
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    hi derek your more then welcome to pop and see us at hull club anytime we meet down walton st off goathland close 7-30 on a friday night

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