DV Node V1.2.0 for Windows (WinDV) Released

Discussion in 'News' started by Andy G0VRM, 10 July 2011.

By Andy G0VRM on 10 July 2011 at 12:09
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    News from the "dstarsoftware" yahoo group is a new version of DV Node for Windows has been released...

    The DV Node for Windows (WinDV) allows you to create a D-Star hotspot using either the DV Node Adapter board or the DV Access Point Dongle. It is aimed at replacing both the DVAR Hotspot program written by Mark McGregor KB9KHM (http://w9arp.com/hotspot/), and the DVAP Tool software supplied with the DV Access Point dongle...

    DV Node.jpg

    Configuration was very easy as can be seen - just download the executable from the Dutch Star website (https://www.dutch-star.eu/index.aspx) and it's up and running.

    The software can connect to the D-STAR network using either the Dplus (used on the Reflectors, by the Icom repeater gateways, the DV Dongle and many DVAR HotSpot nodes) as well as the DExtra protocol and the XReflector systems - some further reading required!

    There is support for the ircDDB network which speeds up the updating of the D-Star Database and also the ability to forward GPS position reports (from both the Node as well as from any RF users) onto the APRS network through the built-in APRS-IS module.

    Who knows what's around the corner - perhaps a replacement for the Icom Gateway software running under Windows?

    73 de Andy
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Discussion in 'News' started by Andy G0VRM, 10 July 2011.

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