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    Hello all, I have been active for quite some time, and never really caught the HF bug, its nearly always been 2mtrs and upwards in frequency for myself. Got a simple station really, the only bought radio is a Yaesu FT817 which I bought new when I was but a mere M3. But I have used for meteor scatter on 6mtrs and 2mtrs (using very small amplifiers upto 25watts) and homebrew yagis, done some EME with it on 2mtrs as well, again using homebrew yagis and worked Richard Garriot NA1SS whilst he was on the international space station.
    All the antennas here are homebrew, and all of them are in the loft (no seriously they all are), now I am putting together an ATV station, so I have built a 1.6mtr dish and thats installed in the loft as well, in between my 4x15 ele yagis for 70cms, I can RX ATV on both 23cms and 13cms very well even on an indoor antenna farm. For 23cms I also have an RTL dongle and can monitor SSB, CW and the beacons, I get amazing sea ducting here to PA and can most days hear the 23cm beacons there.
    Still working on my ATV station, always a lot more to do than you first think, and have also got a 10Ghz LNB and a 2.5Ghz ATV TX with x4 multiplier to be able to do 3cms, but that small dish is going to have to go outside for sure.
    OK enough waffle from me, many thanks for letting me join the EYRG group.
    Gus M0IKB

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