Instructions for Listings - v1.1 *Updated*

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    When making your listing you must first agree to the terms and conditions. Should you agree, the following information helps keep the marketplace organized, as well as easy to use!

    1. Make sure your title indicates your type of listing.
    We recommend you start topics with the following tags:
    [BUY], [SELL] or [TRADE]
    2. Make sure the title states clearly after the tag what the item is/what they are buying or trading for.
    3. You can construct the post however you like, preferably with images of the item or even attaching a .pdf file with specifications. We do recommend that you do not post any phone numbers/address' and rather request they contact you by email, or by personal message (PM) on the forums.
    4. Once your item or exchange has been completed, mark the title by replacing the tag with [SOLD].

    It's as easy as that, and if you do miss any of the above, the marketplace is constantly moderated and changes will be made for you.

    Please note that the marketplace is free from charges and commission usually applied by services like eBay and acts as a direct link between sellers and buyers. We ask that you respect this service by listing no more than 2 items at a time (unless acting on behalf of the EYRG and not for personal gain), if you wish to list more than this, consider buying the 'Trader' account upgrade. This makes a donation to the club and removes the 2 item limitation. (Hover over your username at the top of the page, then click Account Upgrades)
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