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By Clive G3GJA on 1 January 2015 at 19:06
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    There are two big announcements regarding GB3HS to start the New Year with! In this post the move.

    Yesterday, GB3HS was moved from Cave Wold (Weedley Farm) to the commercial High Hunsley site, commencing operation at 1500 hrs.

    So far the performance of the site has met expectations with much improved coverage towards York, Grimsby, Lincoln and Bridlington. There’s just over 17w going into the feeder so allowing for some loss in the feeder it’s close to the allowed 25w erp and that is putting a massive signal of -60dBm (224µV!!) into my receiver at home, some 12km away.

    Viking Radio is putting -10dBm into the repeater's receiver port but there’s no sign of the mixing issue that caused us grief when we last used the other side of the farm in the 1990s. With a fixed antenna system there should be no degradation in high winds, which was just audible at Cave Wold.

    GB3HS at High Hunsley.jpg

    GB3HS installed at its new site

    We are using a pair of stacked wideband dipoles for transmit and a wideband dipole at the top of the mast for receive. There’s just over 40dB isolation between the two antennas at 145MHz which is more than enough with the 74dB notches in each leg provided by the cavities. We will now concentrate on getting another two cavities tested and tuned that will allow single antenna working. The attached photo shows the repeater in its new location.

    My thanks to Andy G0VRM and Richard G4YTV who helped me move the repeater.

    Please use this forum to post reports for GB3HS's new site .
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Discussion in 'News' started by Clive G3GJA, 1 January 2015.

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