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Discussion in 'News' started by phillip hardacre, 6 July 2013.

By phillip hardacre on 6 July 2013 at 18:47
  1. phillip hardacre

    16 February 2011
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    Hello chaps just to let you know that GB3YC should be on the air within a matter of weeks if not days
    Tx 145.1500 Rx 145.75000 ctcss 88.5hz
    I recommend using full tx and rx ctcss to get best use of this repeater

    Best regards
    Phill Hardacre
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Discussion in 'News' started by phillip hardacre, 6 July 2013.

    1. phillip hardacre
      phillip hardacre
      Also we will be using a omni antenna so it will have excellent hand held coverage of Hull and North Lincolnshire​
    2. M0DPH Paul Tullock
      M0DPH Paul Tullock
      this is excelent news a local repeater at last so many will be pleased at this news and im sure it will bring a lot of hams back on the air thank you phill for being botherd about the hobby clearly HS lads are not
    3. Clive G3GJA
      Clive G3GJA
      And what do you base that throw-away remark on Paul?
    4. Andy G0VRM
      Andy G0VRM
      So having given up the majority of my spare time over the last ten years supporting the local repeaters is a sign of not being bothered then? Arranging meetings, minuting meetings, doing the administration, arranging for electricity, site rental for what is probably one of the best RF sites in the country, doing site maintenance, which involves keeping the site free from weeds isn't being bothered? Spending weekends changing antennas... Building PCs - with my own money, I might add. Setting up Wireless Networks / Routers, Installing servers isn't being bothered then?

      So perhaps D-Star isn't your cup of tea - maybe it's too technical perhaps? That's why I've been giving presentations to clubs: Hornsea, Hull, Goole, Grimsby, Raynet - you're more than welcome to spend your time doing the same. If you had then you'd realise that to give a half hour presentation takes more than half an hours preparation! Oh yes, you can always spend your time working out how to simplify it by programming people's radios and handing out user guides - I guess I'm not really bothered then!

      Don't you as a radio amateur want to push the boundaries of what we can do by experimenting with Digital Modes, making things, doing things? Be creative with technology - or you could just convert an "Old Taxi Radio" and do what you've been doing on CB for the last ten years...
    5. Mark G1ANI
      Mark G1ANI
      Firstly, well done to Phil & Co for getting YC back on the air.

      As for your and others efforts over the years Andy, I and the rest of our group know exactly how you feel. We've had the same kind of thing. I don't think we're alone. At the Gt Northern Hamfest a few years ago I took the trouble to have separate donation buckets for D-STAR and NA/YR. Everyone wanted IRLP, so I thought we would encourage everyone to donate their loose change. The computer needed about £100 quid in electric for the year. At the end of the Hamfest (all proceeds going to fund the repeaters, everyone putting in a full shift) and lots of negative comments about D-STAR, we had just over £74 in the digital bucket and 2p in the analogue bucket. Clearly someone had a conscience.

      South Yorkshire Repeater Group
    6. Conor M0GVZ
      Conor M0GVZ
      DSTAR had the misfortune of being introduced to amateur radio by a manufacturer who charges the most money of all of them for radios outside of Elecraft and Hilbering. I think had it been introduced by Kenwood and Yaesu as well it would have had more acceptance but given that each of these manufacturers has their own competing digital voice implementation it was never going to happen.

      There is a possibility YC may support Echolink in the future but only once the repeater is up and running reliably so not for a little while yet.

      GB3YC in East Yorkshire will provide complimentary coverage to GB3HS in the county, initially providing a temporary alternative whilst HS's move takes place but ultimately once again allowing amateurs from the Scarborough and Filey areas to communicate with those in East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, something currently prevented from happening by an inconveniently placed big hill in the way. Certainly it will allow the members of SARS to give those from HARC some ribbing about winning the cup this year.

      Given how many people go on holiday in Filey and Scarborough, especially from the Hull area, hopefully this will be of some use to visiting amateurs.

      And many thanks for the talk you did on DSTAR at Hornsea, Andy.


      Conor, M0GVZ
      Vice Chairman, Hornsea Amateur Radio Club.
    7. M0DPH Paul Tullock
      M0DPH Paul Tullock
      I wasn't commenting on individuals enthusiasm or interest in the hobby I was passing comment that the analogue repeater does not receive the se amount of attention and funding as the !!!!!!!!D STAR !!!!!!!!!!
      I my self have no interest in d star as it is over rated ,over prices And generally sounds crap
      Yes I have a converted taxi radio but only because its in my machine at work and would be crazy ta put an expensive one in a dusty old digger I am not the only person to have this opinion but I'm probs the only one with the balls to say it I too have spent an obscene amount of time applying for permission for a friends antenna mast as he has difficulties and could not manage it himself
      Andy you should be commended for all you contributions to the hobby since applying for an nov for NY it has become very apparent that there needs to be tighter control over all repeaters as there are too many repeaters that have been off the air fo more than twelve months and they are taking up valuable repeater frequency pairs if a repeater is off the air for this amount of time there is clearly no interest in it or a several lack of funding and there for should be closed down
    8. Ron Young
      Ron Young
      AS a New Forum Member I feel sure your efforts are truly appreciated. but please do not justify D-Star on technical grounds Analogue repeaters can be more mentally stretching as they are open to all and inclusive you can use an analogue repeater on any rig not just an Icom proprietry system DV DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ICOM OR PROTECTED BY AN EXPENSIVE DV CHIP
      On technical grounds D-star is not even the best DV system, D-star is an elitist system that excludes many amateurs on cost grounds alone.
      Analogue FM is Inclusive and can be as technical and progressive as the users wish with IRLP Echolink etc if thats what users want.
      Buying a D-star rig or dongle and PC does not raise any personal pedestals or does it link the buyers achievements with the real innovators in the hobby, G3plx or G4klx and hundreds more.
      D-star is Good but exclusive, propriotry and not in the true spirit of Amateur Radio
      Please do not take this as a personal attack I do not know anyone on this forum yet.

    9. Ron Young
      Ron Young
      I notice with interest that much of the latest talk on D-star Repeaters is pushing the merits of old taxi radios (2000- series) and software by Johnathon Naylor and others. with dedicated logic boards. sounds a bit more effort than sticking in an expensive ready to go ICom Repeater. sound like real amateur radio or have we forgotten the war time surplus Radios that started many of us off in the Hobby.


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