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By M0DPH Paul Tullock on 11 July 2013 at 00:34
  1. M0DPH Paul Tullock

    27 April 2013
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    Hip Hip Huray GB3YC is alive the tempery set up is on the air as we await the arrival of the cavity filters etcwhen they turn up the permenent set up will replace this donation can be given by paypal via the repeater website at all donations will keep GB3YC and GB3NY up and running NY is still awaiting clearance from MOD
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Discussion in 'News' started by M0DPH Paul Tullock, 11 July 2013.

    1. Ron Young
      Ron Young
      When will we here it we have a keen following here in Scarborough and look forward to it going live.
      Will it be under the EYRG . its not clear from the info released so far


      Ron Young
    2. M0DPH Paul Tullock
      M0DPH Paul Tullock
      There has been some confusion between ectcc and of com one says they sent Info the other. Says not received it but as soon as NOV is in our position rest assured it will be switched on we keep ya posted
    3. M0DPH Paul Tullock
      M0DPH Paul Tullock
      Oh and no it is not under EYRG
    4. Ron Young
      Ron Young
      Does that mean yet another Repeater Support Group will be formed.
    5. Ron Young
      Ron Young
      How about a progress report on GB3YC has the trasmit antenna been elevated yet.
    6. M0DPH Paul Tullock
      M0DPH Paul Tullock
      Hoping together money together very soon to buy cavity filters then the job will be finished
      If you wish to support it just go to web site or PayPal direct to
    7. Ron Young
      Ron Young
      Thank you as a club member I do support our local repeater which is run by the club.
      I have also Joined the EYRG in support of other local repeaters,
      Once you are established as a group or club I would like to see the constitution and would be pleased to consider membership, Though I think there are quite a few Repeater Groups in Yorkshire maybe they should all amalgamate,
    8. Ron Young
      Ron Young
      My last submission seems to have fallen in the recycle bin, has a club been formed to support GN3YC yet, is the antenna at its final position yet,

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