Special temporary call signs for Royal Wedding.

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    The RSGB has agreed with Ofcom arrangements for all UK Radio Amateurs to opt to use special callsigns for a period of eleven days beginning on the date of the marriage of H.R.H. Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton, 29th April 2011.
    Use of the special prefix, which is “GR, MR or 2R”, is conditional on allocation of a Notice of Variation (NoV) which can be quickly obtained via a simple process on the Society’s website, where full details of the arrangements can also be found.
    UK amateurs wishing to use the special prefix should visit www.rsgb.org.uk/weddingcall and follow the guidance there. The last date and time for application is 6.00 pm on 26th April 2011. All NoVs will be provided by close of business on 28th April. No postal applications will be accepted and all NoVs will be sent by email.

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Discussion in 'News' started by G2DPA., 12 April 2011.

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