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By M0LDR on 5 February 2015 at 20:38
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    As you may have noticed, the EYRG website has just undergone a bit of a change.

    It sees us move onto updated software that's faster and a newer design that should be able to help you get where you are going a lot easier.

    There are two new big changes, one of which is the new 'Resources' section, and the other is being able to pay your subs entirely digitally.

    This new section is designed to help you get to useful information quicker. The resources section allow us to categorise papers, news and other things a little better than before.

    In terms of sharing and distributing radio configuration files, this couldn't be any easier with new version management options and more. The resources section at the moment are mostly public, allowing anyone to publish and post their own resources, while you can make use of it now I may pull resources and fiddle with things until it is secure for what we need.

    Additionally it allows the committee to keep you informed, minutes from meetings that have been made public can be published along with any research or learning material we have produced can be accessed freely with this new system.

    Digital Subs
    This is something I've wanted to get working since the introduction of the new website, but never had any easy way of doing it. Thanks to the upgraded site software, we can now take digital subs, which go directly to our account.

    The system records you, uses your website provided details as contact info, and is even capable of repeat billing. As a little gimmick/incentive your account will instantly update with a shiny 'Subscriber' badge under your name.

    This system has also enabled us to offer a cheaper £5 option that covers 6 months for those who don't want to fork out the full £10 for audio a year.

    You can subscribe any time at the following link:

    We do still accept postal subscriptions if you wish, please note the address for applications has changed to: 49 Westborough Way, Anlaby Common, Hull, HU4 7SW. Postal subscriptions do not receive the subscriber account status on the forums as of yet.
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Discussion in 'News' started by M0LDR, 5 February 2015.

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