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    Members of the East Yorkshire Repeater Group attending our Annual General Meeting on Thursday the 15th March 2012 agreed to the formation of an Emergency Communications Group. However to proceed with our registration with the Radio Society of Great Britian we must obtain all members details as soon as possible.

    Could everyone interested in joining this group please download, print and complete the attached Membership Application form.

    Please note - in order to join the Emergency Communications Group you are required to be a paid-up member of the East Yorkshire Repeater Group and this subscription will cover membership to both groups (Obviously the Repeater Group needs to recoup the ongoing costs of it's infrastructure!).

    Please forward the completed form (and payment) to:

    East Yorkshire Repeater Group.
    3 The Green
    HU11 4XF

    Also I would be grateful if you have the ability to scan the completed form, can you please send the files to
    "my name and callsign as shown below"@gmail.com

    Many thanks and 73

    Andy G0VRM (hint - no spaces)
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Discussion in 'News' started by Andy G0VRM, 2 April 2012.

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