RSGB LUSO 36EU Tower for Sale.

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By G2DPA. on 26 May 2011 at 23:15
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    The RSGB is giving its membership the opportunity to buy, at a substantial discount from the retail price, one of the top choices in towers for amateur radio use—the LUSO 36EU Tower.
    It is no coincidence that most of the world’s top DX stations have their antennas atop impressive towers. When it comes to the best transmitting and receiving equipment, all amateurs know that there is no substitute for getting your aerials as high and clear as possible. And there are few better ways than with a purpose-designed, heavy-duty tower such as the LUSO 36EU. With a maximum head load of 150kg the tower will accept 50sq ft of antenna with ease.
    The LUSO 36EU self-supporting tower is a surprisingly compact 12.5m (41ft) when fully retracted. One press of the remote control ‘raise’ button engages the fully automatic motor control system. In less than a minute and a half the tower erects to its magnificent full height, 36m—that’s 118 feet. One of the traditional issues with towers is antenna assembly and maintenance. With the tower in the lowered position the LUSO 36EU solves this beautifully with its built-in platform to work on your antenna. No more dangerous ladders or hiring cherry pickers!
    This tower is not for the faint-hearted! Once you have planning permission the installation is straightforward, requiring a suitable concrete foundation and site access for a mobile crane. The purchase package includes the services of two of the Japanese manufacturer’s technicians on-site during the installation. Once erected, the Luso 36EU tower will provide a superb support for the most elaborate of antenna systems—and easy access for maintenance.
    The tower has been stored since it was originally purchased by RSGB for use at the Bletchley Park National Radio Centre.
    It is now unfortunately clear that heritage conservation and planning issues make it unsuitable for that location. The RSGB is therefore giving its members the first opportunity to buy this top of the range tower for just £13,500 - before it is offered in the commercial market place at a significantly higher price. This represents a saving of £17,500, or 56 percent discount, on the £31,000 new price (inclusive of taxes, transport etc). This tower would be ideal for individuals and clubs with rural locations who are seeking to have the best that amateur radio has to offer. If you would like to see the full specification and more information please see the menu on the right or e-mail or call 01234 832700

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Discussion in 'News' started by G2DPA., 26 May 2011.

    1. Andy G0VRM
      Andy G0VRM
      CQ CQ CQ Calling all cheque book radio amateurs. Now is your opportunity to buy your way into the DX hall of fame with this tower with the Ready Steady Gone Bankrupt's biggest blunder to date. No need for planning permission as their planning committee will be ready to help you with this - even if you live at on a World Heritage Site...

      Just connect your Quadra and FTDX 9000 and you'll be on top of the DX hall of fame and heard all over the world, no need for callsigns as everyone will know who you are with the "big numbers" you're giving them. Imagine the QDOS, imagine the comments from your mates down at the radio club and imagine alienating your neighbours within a five mile radius!

      When the sale is complete perhaps they'll finally get the builders in and finish the Amateur Radio Centre !



      Taken 5th May 2011 - on HARC trip
    2. Ian2e1icb
      HFDX ARC are buying it, :)

      Seems a waste of members money buying the tower without first getting permission!!
    3. G2DPA.
      Hi Ian - long time no hear ..... thought tower would go well at your QTH hi! :D:D:D
    4. Ian2e1icb
      Good morning bas, yes im around mostly on d star these days as that idiot keeps keying me out on analogue frequencies, digital is a bit too complicated for him i guess :p hope you are well see you soon
    5. G2DPA.
      The RSGB is pleased to report a great deal of interest in the Luso tower described in this month’s RadCom. Several members have expressed an interest in the 36m tower and the RSGB can report that it has been sold at the price originally paid for it. I somehow guessed it would be snapped up quickly at the price.

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