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    Memory files will be made available for the IC-E92D, IC-E2820 and ID-E880 radios, for users within the Yorkshire Region providing the facility to D-Plus link into reflector REF005A, "Midstar" on REF036A and the proposed "Yorkstar" on REF013B, and D-Star connections between all Yorkshire D-Star Repeaters: GB7RW-C, GB7HU-B, GB7YD-B and GB7HX-B.

    In addition all UK FM and D-Star Repeaters, arranged in separate banks for each UK region, with the means of linking to a whole host of English Speaking Reflectors. Users will need the Icom programming cable and software and will need change the following settings:

    · My Callsign – currently blank and add /IC92, /2828 or /name
    · TX Message - currently set to “
    · GPS Message from “D-PRS Calculator” (see below)
    · GPS-A Symbol – currently set to “Car” for IC-E2820 and “Jogger” for IC-E92D
    · GPS-A Comment – currently set to “see
    · GPS or GPS-A mode – preferred is GPS-A

    An instruction sheet for the IC-2820 mobile rig will be available at Hornsea Rally (and downloadable from here) showing the memory channels, how to make the relevant changes and how to set up the radios. A later version with setting for D-Star low speed data using D-Rats will be available later together with a sheet for the IC-92 handheld.
    73 de Andy
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Discussion in 'News' started by Andy G0VRM, 16 October 2011.

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