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Discussion in 'News' started by Ron Young, 26 July 2013.

By Ron Young on 26 July 2013 at 14:00
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    16 July 2013
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    Interested in finding out more about GB3EY

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Discussion in 'News' started by Ron Young, 26 July 2013.

    1. Clive G3GJA
      Clive G3GJA
      What do you want to know Ron? Clive G3GJA
    2. Ron Young
      Ron Young
      just its status but not ready for 23cm at the moment, regards
    3. Clive G3GJA
      Clive G3GJA
      EY is working from Aldbrough but its performance is severely hampered by the Claxby primary ATC radar which has moved its lower frequency closer to the EY input which is on 1248MHz. The radar is now on 1254.5MHz which is within EY's receiver bandwidth. On the other hand, the upper Claxby frequency has moved further away from EY's 1308MHz output reducing some of the interference. These radar frequency changes are in anticipation of the European version of GPS becoming operational (funds permitting!). This will also affect frequencies that can be used for amateur television repeaters in the UK and it may be that we will have to convert EY to digital so that the bandwidth can be reduced. Ideally we would like to move EY to Weedley but we know that it would not be approved by the CAA and that would cause the loss of the repeater permanently.
    4. phillip hardacre
      phillip hardacre
      Its a shame we could not put it on top of the Octon tower that GB3YC is on. full permission from the tower owner has been given for such a project.
    5. Ron Young
      Ron Young
      Yes we need some amalgamation of the repeater facilities for the area, it seems as soon as membership of clubs reaches any serious level, fragmentation happens, surely one good repeater group could manage the repeaters in this small area and really be effective. A good forum could be the glue for such a group!!!
    6. phillip hardacre
      phillip hardacre
      Hi Ron, I just hope i can help in some way, Mr Garside who owns the tower at Octon is also a ham, in the past this site had a lot of packet radio equipment on it and he is open to any projects, i have spoken with the etcc and one option might be to simply apply for a new one which is silly when there are some there that could benefit from a higher site, one advantage of Octon is that it is farther away from Claxby so a little down tilt would give fantastic coverage of the area and might not interfere with the radar.

      Any way i am just a factotum before the gods.

      Later dude !
    7. phillip hardacre
      phillip hardacre
      We would have aprs on Octon but we are too close to GCHQ to have it they use 144.800 or a harmonic of it for some reason.
      So decided to put GB3YC on it instead.
    8. Ron Young
      Ron Young
      Yeah! well I am not on VHF at the moment need to replace the antenna, Scarborough Club are showing an interest in APRS at the moment, just need a few more votes to get it discussed further, It will come I'm sure, GB7RW could easily be activated for APRS gateway use,
    9. Clive G3GJA
      Clive G3GJA
      Things have moved on since I last posted. Some 23cm ATV repeaters have now been approved and following discussions with Noel G8GTZ we have today applied for a move to Weedley and a change of mode to DVB-S. The predicted coverage map is based on a 10w TX which is about as much as you can get out of the existing PA when using DVB-S before the regeneration of sidebands becomes unacceptable.

      We have decided not to take up Phil's kind offer of the use of the Octon site for the following reasons:
      1. There is only one active ATV operator near the site and even then it's doubtful whether he would a get line of site path because Octon is to far north of the edge of the hills above Driffield.
      2. Octon is too far away from the population centres in the south of the county. This is the same issue that blights Aldbrough causing EY to give good coverage to tens of square miles of empty fields. ATV needs big signals to cope with the wide bandwidths and it's not unusual to need in excess of 20 microvolts to get a usable analogue transmission. That's not compatible with a repeater that's more than twenty miles away.
      3. The high ground of the Wolds to the south restricts coverage in that direction protecting the radar at Claxby and reducing the signal from Claxby getting into the receiver. There is no geographical screening to the south at Octon (unless you're in Driffield!) which would not help persuading the CAA to approve the move.
      4. We want to use the existing Internet connection at Weedley to stream the receiver's output onto batc.tv

      Noel has told us not to hold our breath as it's going to take some time. However, if all goes to plan ATV is set for a big boost in the area with DVB-S inputs on 70cm and 23cm, streaming and a much better service area. We also plan to link in the 3cm co-sited ATV repeater GB3XY. 23cm Cave Wold.jpg

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